Technical questions about your Treadmill
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By Stan Saryhin
#1183 Maintenance Mode includes all of the items of Manager Mode, plus additional data that is automatically saved to properly troubleshoot in case of a problem.

To engage Maintenance Mode:
Press and hold "0","2" & "START" keys together. While holding the "0" & "START" keys down, release the "2" key only.

Once the treadmill is in Maintenance Mode, you may use the following keys:

INCLINE UP/DOWN KEYS: Displays the next or previous parameter.

- / + SPEED KEYS: Allows the variable to be changed within the parameter.

START KEY (ENTER KEY): Saves the value if changed in the EPROM (software).
NOTE: START KEY (ENTER KEY) must be pressed for each value changed.

STOP KEY: Exits Manager Mode and restarts treadmill with a "warm start."