Tips and questions on how to exercise on your equipment
By tanik
#301 There are many kind of stick massager of different sizes. All muscles are not same that's why you may need to use different sizes of stick massager by holding onto the handles to applying pressure and rolling it forward and backward. I personally use it to be comfortable :D You know the benefits of stick massager and why you should use it. I've listed some stick massager models for comparing and making sure which one you'll use for better result. Let me know your comment here or suggest me best alternative.
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By Stan Saryhin
#306 I never use it my self but we used to sell them on Amazon and they are pretty popular.
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By john89
#1278 The Stick Original Body Stick (blue handles) allows you to self massage to pretty much any part of the body. Massage increases circulation and helps reduce muscle "knots". After a long days walking, skiing, climbing or any other physical exercise a massage can reduce muscle soreness and discomfort.