Technical questions about your Treadmill
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By Stan Saryhin
#184 Walking Belt Cleaning Instructions

1. Unplug the treadmill from the wall outlet (if electric).

2. Spray an even but light coating of the cleaner on the top surface of the belt.

3. Wipe all non-belt areas dry once coat is applied. It will not harm them but it can soak into the back of the belt.

4. Allow belt to soak for a few minutes.

5. Clean with either a sponge or clean towel or paper towel. Some paper towels will come apart and make a mess so only use strong ones if you choose paper towels.

6. For extra dirty belts, you can use a nylon tire brush to scrub the top surface of the belt. Do not use any type of metal brush.

7. Turn belt by hand until the next unclean area is exposed and repeat. You will have to spray cleaner three times until the entire surface area is clean. Repeat if necessary.

8. Allow the belt to air dry before use.

9. If you wish to clean the underside of the belt, you must remove it from the treadmill, follow the steps above, and let it completely dry before reinstalling. If cleaning the underside, put 2 times the amount of lubricant back on the belt that you typically use for re-lubrication.

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By john89
#1315 Nice share ! here i will added another some tips
Step 1
Unplug the unit from the electrical source before you begin.

Step 2
Remove any accumulated dust from the belt, using an anti-static duster. Remember to dust any accessible areas around and beneath the belt to avoid dust buildup.

Step 3
Wipe down the belt, using a slightly dampened cloth and taking care not to drip any water onto the belt. Rotate the belt by hand to reach the entire tread surface.
Step 4
Dry the treadmill belt with a paper towel, again moving the belt to insure all areas are dry. :)