By tanik
#313 A muscle stimulation device is a machine that works for your muscle anytime, whenever you want for recovery. There are tons of benefits of a muscle stimulation device. Actually the device sent current directly from your brain to the muscles and tell them to contract. I've seen many people who are using for recovery. Below, I'm listing some benefits of using an electric muscle stimulation device:

# Works for Easing lower back pain
# It Improve blood circulation
# Recover faster and better after exertion
# It Improves stamina and endurance
# Prevent twisted ankles
# It significantly improve your abdominal muscles
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By john89
#1224 thanks for the post. Found it interesting. I have only little knowledge before about it. Only know It is which low-level electrical currents are used to stimulate muscles, forcing them to contract.
but i think in broad it will help in more ways.